Central Arkansas Chapter Pamphlet

The Central Arkansas Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind is made up of members from the Greater Little Rock, and surrounding areas. An ideal way to learn more about Central Chapter is by attending an upcoming meeting. Meetings are on the second Saturday of each month at 11:00 A.M.

The meetings are held virtually via the Zoom platform on most months, and the meetings are in-person once a quarter, in the meeting room at Terry Library, 2015 Napa Valley Drive, Little Rock, 72212.

Note: "Use of Central Arkansas Library System meeting facilities does not constitute endorsement of the beliefs, viewpoints, policies or affiliations of the user by the library board or staff."

During meetings members usually hear from a blindness or disability related specialist who shares about their area, which helps educate and inform.

Another meeting segment is the Job Squad, which is a time to share about employment opportunities, and for those who are seeking employment.

Members enjoy when we take 5 for philosophy. We present a debatable topic and then discuss our opinions. There are no wrong or right answers – this is a time to share and respect other’s views.

The best way to keep up with meeting information and other messages is by submitting your email address to the chapter president.

President: Brent Philpot
Phone: (501)779-4018
Email address: bphilpot642@att.net

Central Chapter members support one another with kindness, technical issues, networking, and other areas.

One of the provided ways for members to stay in touch between meetings is by joining the WhatsApp chat group.

Central Chapter has a directory of members distributed to each member, to help facilitate communication.

Chapter members focus on the pillars of our national organization:

  • Education, Employment, and Rehabilitation
  • Membership and Community Building
  • Advocacy
  • Development

Each member contributes. For example, if a member suggests we set up at an community event, we discuss this idea, and if there is sufficient interest, we pursue the logistics. This helps promote awareness of the National Federation of the Blind and contributes to a successful community event.

Chapter members are working with people in our community to expand public transportation.

Some of the local goals require funding, so the Central Chapter has a fundraising committee.

This sub-group has both in-person and online fundraising opportunities.

During in-person meetings and at state convention, Central Chapter has a 50/50 game in which participants have a chance at winning. To play, bring paper money. Tickets are $1 each and every ticket buys a chance of winning half the collected pot. The other half will be money raised for the chapter.

Central Chapter also participates in Change for Change. Each chapter throughout the state collects coins to help offset the cost of transportation.

Central Arkansas Chapter has an elected governing board:

Brent Philpot, President
Scott Jones, Vice President
Wesley Hillman, Secretary
Joshua Goolsby, Treasurer
General Board Positions, Tawnya Philpot and Cindy Scott-Huisman

Here are a couple of quotes from members:

"I am one entity. We are a force. Together we can do more. Live The life you want."
Brent Philpot

"We hope you will join us and get involved!"
Cindy Scott-Huisman